How to Make Your Own Carnival Costume

So it’s that time of year again for soca, trucks on the road and revellers ‘wining’ and getting on bad on the streets. In the spirit of the season Dave’s Projects got a special carnival edition post for you.

For those who plan on going to road march this year but haven’t gotten your carnival costume packages as yet may be because most are sold out

xamayva sold out

Or that the outrageous prices vendors are asking for costumes is a hurdle for you.

bacchanal prices

xamayca scarlet prices

But fret not thyself, we will guide you step by step on how to make your own carnival costume (female), on a budget less than $60 USD. This post will be a general guide, and not specific to one particular design as people will have their own types of swim suits and style they may want for themselves.


Tools and material needed:


Step 1. Create your design

Grab a pencil and paper and create your own design based on existing costumes for the current year or come up with something completely different. The sky’s limit and designs are only limited by your creativity. If you need inspiration see Xodus, Bacchanal, Xamayca costumes, or do a google image search for ‘carnival costumes.’


Step 2. Attach Crystals to Swimwear

Grab your 1-piece/2-piece along with hot glue gun and start pasting on your crystal stones according to your design. Be Careful and take your time to avoid mistakes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the bottom it might be easier to see how it will look if you put it on while attaching the crystals.

bikini botom


Step 3. Attach Headpiece Feathers

Go back to your design again for the headpiece. Take your visor and turn the bill upright and hot glue the feathers along the edge of the bill to create a semi-circle pattern. Add layers on both the upper and underside of the bill to make it look fuller.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For extra flair add some crystals/gems with hot glue to the headpiece as well.

headpiece 6.JPG
Step 4. Create Arm-piece

The arm-piece can be created with an old cotton armband or by cutting out a cardboard rectangle to fit around your arm.

The same principle applies as before. Mark the arm-piece with an X to know where to glue feathers, then glue feathers onto it. Besure to keep the feathers pointed outwards when you wear it.

arm piece feathers



Step 5. Try on the Outfit




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-Dave 2018


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