Tips to be more productive and successful in life

The following tips are things that I have learnt over time, and personally use for myself. This is not just some cliché listing you might see on the internet, but things you can actually try for yourself and see actually results. Enjoy.


1. Start with something small


We all know the feeling when the whole world feels like it’s on your shoulders weighing you down with the gamut of things to do. Make your bed, wash the dishes, whatever small task that you can start with, just do something. Completing that one task will motivate you to do even more. Repeat, and in no time you would have taken care of everything on your plate.


2. Create an environment for productivity

Home Office

Don’t live in a pigsty. This will demotivate you, and just make you feel more like a bum for not doing anything. You’ll be surprised how a clean well-kept environment will boost your mood for productivity. And it’s not just proper housekeeping, but also having certain things in place that will foster productivity. This may mean moving your workstation in your bedroom or wherever you are most comfortable, removing distractions like television, hanging up a vision board in your room, or even straight up moving to a new place. Whatever works for you, make your space ergonomic to you.


3. Quit time-wasting habits for more productive ones


Checking up on your Facebook, every 2 minutes or sliding into your Instagram crush’s DM might be fun but unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg it’s not putting money in your pocket. If its not making dollars it don’t make sense. But quitting habits are easier said than done. The most effective way to break a bad habit is to simply replace it for a good one. For example, instead of binge watching Black Mirror on Netflix, go read a motivational book; instead of scrolling through Instagram evening time staking girls, go for a jog with friends; instead of destroying your brain cells Youtubing Pewdiepie videos, feed your mind with some audiobooks that will teach you something meaningful.


4. Hang out with productive people

productive people

You are the sum of the people closest to you in your life. I’m not saying to be judgmental and dump your friends, but rather take a look at the person’s you are close to and really evaluate what value they add to your life. There are sometimes toxic people who we call friends, perhaps because you are trying to fit in because they are popular, or because you’ve known them for years. If they add no positive value to you, move on and make space for persons who will add value. When you do find them (or if you already have them) compete with each other and challenge each other to be better.


5. Avoid multitasking


Multitasking should be left to computers, humans were not designed for that. It has been proven time and time again that multitasking leads to more mistakes, and tasks usually end up taking longer to complete. Instead, do one task at a time with quality than to do a crappy job. Some people who think they are masters of multitasking aren’t really multitasking, but rather switching between tasks quickly. This might work for a few, but for most people this will lead to mistakes and unnecessary failure most times.


6. Develop a strong Will

strong will

The strength of your Will will determine how well you will commit to any goal you set for yourself. Your Will is a part of your character and personality, it’s not something you can just develop instantly, but manifests itself overtime. You can train yourself to develop a strong will however, by first and foremost by truly wanting to achieve your goal no matter what. You don’t concern yourself with anyone else that may be better than you or those who have tried and failed, because you know your goal is achievable and you see yourself attaining it. This character trait will guide you through your most desperate times and bring out the winner in you.


7. Create a plan and stick to it


A great way to boost your productivity is to create a plan or a to-do-list. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In fact a combination of all is recommended for best results. For example, at the start of the year, your new years resolution(s) would be your yearly plan, then to achieve that plan you set routines monthly, and that can be further broken down to action items per month, and each day you create a list of objectives in order of priority, you need to accomplish to achieve that weekly goal, which feeds in the bigger goal. If you do this, create realist targets, and stick to it, you’ll be guaranteed to meet your end goal.


8. Just do it!

just do it

Sometimes we get so caught up in planning and organizing tasks properly we end up wasting time and not getting anything done. If you have a goal to accomplish, just start something and do it. If you’re feeling lazy or complacent, remember your goals, count to 3 and just get to doing it. Sometimes its best not to over think every little detail. Just get up and do it.


9. Re-evaluate yourself every regularly

pick yourself up

At the end of the day, no matter how well you plan, you will fall off schedule. You may even get complacent every now and then. This is natural as we are only human. However, what will set you apart from mediocrity is to re-evaluate yourself whenever you falter on your plans. This is why many people who make new years resolutions never achieve their goal. They falter and never get back up. You don’t need to wait till the end of the year to pick yourself back up. Set resolutions every month or even every week. This will keep you focused and in check. This will also strengthen your Will and discipline at the same time. Falling is natural but staying down and never getting up is true failure.


10. Don’t make the opinions of others distract you from your goal


In life there will always be doubters and naysayers telling you how you will behave based on what they think of you. Pay no mind to them, they only serve as distractions to your goal. You know yourself better than anyone else, and as an adult the opinions of others should not influence you. Ignoring detractors comes naturally with a strong will. Whether it’s a random stranger you’ve never met, your best friend or even your own family, do not let them tell you who you are and what you are capable of.